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Adam Williams, MD Explains Arthrograms

Feb 02, 2021
Adam Williams, MD Explains Arthrograms
Find out what an arthrogram is and why you might need one.

An arthrogram is an X-ray image or picture of the inside of a joint after contrast (also known as dye) is injected into the joint. This helps the radiologist better visualize soft tissue in the joint and more accurately diagnose an injury or cause of symptom.

A musculoskeletal radiologist injects the contrast into the joint using fluoroscopy imaging guidance. After the injection is made, the patient has images taken by either an MRI or CT scan.

Here are some common reasons your provider might order an arthrogram:

• In the shoulder — where the joint is unstable or if there is suspicion of a tendon or labrum tear

• In the hip — to show any tear of the labrum or cartilage

• In the wrist — to show any tear of the small ligaments of the wrist Invision Sally Jobe is committed to utilizing new and progressive techniques for diagnostic imaging and therapeutic intervention.

For example, we were the first to offer 3D mammography in the Denver area. We also participate in clinical trials to offer our patients the most current exams and procedures available for managing their health.

Invision Sally Jobe has recruited well-trained, motivated and innovative radiologists from the nation’s most respected training programs and universities. Our radiologists are board-certified and most are fellowship trained specialists. They’ve gained a high level of expertise in a particular specialty of radiology through their additional education in fellowship programs. Many of them are nationally recognized experts in their specialty.

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