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Cancer Pain Treatment Options

Jan 04, 2022
Cancer Pain Treatment Options
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More than 50% of all patients with cancer have at least moderate pain.

While opiates are the mainstay of pain control, these do not always result in satisfactory relief and do have side effects, including constipation, drowsiness and dependence.

If you do not achieve adequate pain control on medications or those medications cause side effects, then interventional pain management may be beneficial.

If you can point to a specific site of your pain, then interventional management may be a good option for you.


1. Techniques for pain management include nerve block or nerve ablation, which either masks or removes the nerves ability to send pain signals. This can be very effective for painful tumors of the pelvis or GI tract.

2. Some cancers are located in the soft tissue of the bone and can cause severe pain. IR management may include using small needles to burn or freeze tumors to treat pain.

3. Medical cement injection into tumors located in weight-bearing areas can give significant relief to those who suffer from pain that occurs in those areas. This can be performed simultaneously with ablation.

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