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Growth Opportunities at Invision Sally Jobe

Oct 25, 2022
Growth Opportunities at Invision Sally Jobe
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At Invision Sally Jobe, we pride ourselves in supporting growth among our employees. Read here to learn more about Nick’s story and his journey to becoming a CT technologist.

Nick graduated from rad tech school in May 2021. After graduation, he was hired by Invision Sally Jobe for its Southwest Littleton location. He learned that he would be able to advance within the company with the full support of upper management and his coworkers. CT technologist Andrew was excited to start teaching Nick about CT because of his interest in cross-training. Nick was very pleased to get the opportunity to grow professionally. CT techs Andrew and Valencia started teaching him on the job and allowed him to start scanning with their oversight.

Nick’s CT schooling included 16 credit hours of official training plus quite a bit of individual study time. He was required to complete competencies that included performing exams on his own and then having the tech training him sign off that everything was done correctly and that he was competent to perform the specific exam. These competencies were then submitted to ARRT. This included at least 125 exams/tasks that fell under 25 categories.

Nick had experience with scanning and venipuncture from working in a veterinarian hospital. This was definitely a help in his journey. Nick started training to be a CT technologist in December 2021 and passed his registry in June 2022! He was pleased with the experience due to the excellent training and encouragement from CT staff and Invision Sally Jobe management. He was happy about the experience and grateful to be given the opportunity!