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Inner strength. Physical stamina. And a partner for life.

Oct 13, 2017
Inner strength. Physical stamina. And a partner for life.
Susie Wargin's guest post on the importance of annual checkups and where to find them.


In 2006, I entered Tri for the Cure, a sprint distance triathlon.

I figured whatever pain and suffering I felt during the swim, bike & run event would pale in comparison to what my mom had gone through in 2004 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent breast reconstruction.

It took 93 minutes to complete the triathlon and the thought of her strength carried me to the finish line.

Fast forward to 2017:

she’s still a strong survivor and that single triathlon turned me into a finisher of 16 triathlons, 5 marathons, Race Across America and countless running and biking events and races.

What was a life changer for her was also life changing for me, not just from an athletic standpoint, but also how I take care of myself. I was 34 when she was diagnosed and did my research: it was time for me to start getting annual exams. I had a little scare one year with a small abnormal mass that was taken out and biopsied, but thankfully nothing came of it. I went for a mammogram every 6 months after that for a few years and then was able to scale back to every year.

October is my breast exam month. Yes, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month and a great reminder, however it needs to be more than a reminder, it needs to be action. With the crazy schedule and life I live, Invision Sally Jobe has been the perfect option for my annual mammograms. I love the freedom of appointments (even Saturdays), incredible facilities and having a top notch crew take care of me.

I’ve been fortunate to receive good news…

…after my mammograms the last several years. That may or may not be the case as time goes on. The odds aren’t in my favor as a woman over 40 with a mom who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 57. Who knows what the future will bring, but I do know this: if someday I hear those three words no one wants to hear, Invision Sally Jobe will be my partner through the entire process. That is a comfort like no other.