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Legacy Day – Celebrating Sally Jobe

Sep 27, 2022
Legacy Day – Celebrating Sally Jobe
An annual celebration!

To cherish the gift of the Sally Jobe Legacy — a priceless asset of the company we serve — we now declare Sally Jobe’s birthday, September 23, the annual “Legacy Day” at Invision Sally Jobe.

Watch as some of our team celebrate her legacy:

The loss of Sally Jobe to the RIA community, on August 25, 1996, after a year-long battle with breast cancer, was met with a deep desire to give it meaning. She was married to Dr. William Jobe, a visionary advocate for outpatient mammography as we know it and a founder of RIA. During Sally Jobe’s memorial service, his valued RIA colleague Dr. Steve Parker proclaimed that the women’s breast center at Swedish Medical Center would be named in her honor.

Sally Jobe was a wife, mother, colleague and friend. Sally and her husband have been described as kind and compassionate; warm and caring; dedicated to community volunteer service; and focused on a priority to “do good” and live that example among their family, friends and neighbors.

ISJ chooses to celebrate a mission that binds past to present: improving the lives and health of people in the communities we serve. This is our Legacy, and each employee of ISJ accepts the responsibility of honoring and preserving that Legacy. This Legacy lives in our hearts and will be continually replenished by investing ourselves into the shared values of putting patients at the center of everything we do.