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Meet Your Care Team: Abby Dolph

Feb 22, 2022
Meet Your Care Team: Abby Dolph
Breast Nurse Navigator

We love getting to know our team. Abby Dolph shared some of what brought her to medicine and Invision Sally Jobe.

What is your job title?

Breast nurse navigator.

How long have you been with ISJ?

I have been with ISJ since July 2021. I have been a breast nurse navigator for five years and an oncology nurse since graduation in 2013. Oncology has always been my passion, and I love being the hope and support for patients that need it the most.

What is a nurse navigator?

A breast nurse navigator is someone that supports and guides patients through a new diagnosis of breast cancer or a high-risk finding. We try to eliminate barriers of care for the patient so they can stress less and focus on their treatment and healing.

Why do patients benefit from having a nurse navigator?

Patients benefit from a nurse navigator because we are often either the first or second person they hear from after a new diagnosis. We have time to explain the diagnosis, the disease process, and discuss next steps in care. We are there for the patient at a very vulnerable time, and we can offer support, reassurance, and assist with timely care.

Why would you recommend ISJ?

ISJ has the area’s leading breast radiologists and health care professionals that are highly skilled and passionate about providing the best care for our patients.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Being there to support and guide my patients and provide them with hope and knowledge to empower them through their breast cancer journey.