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Meet Your Care Team: Leila and Opportunities at ISJ

Dec 21, 2022
Meet Your Care Team: Leila and Opportunities at ISJ
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Leila is a mammographer at our Parker Invision Sally Jobe location. Read here to learn about her journey at ISJ.

Leila graduated from Concorde Career College in 2014. She started working at ISJ in December 2019 as an Xray technologist. Right away, Leila started on the job training for Dexa with her coworker, Cindy. Her manager was pleased to offer her this growth opportunity. She was working as a Dexa technologist, but had her eyes on cross- training again; this time for mammography.

An opportunity arose at the ISJ Parker location and she knew she had to act on it. With the help of others at ISJ, she was fortunate to start an online class for mammography, followed by onsite training. After a few weeks of studying, she took her registry on November 7th and passed!

Leila is now excited to be a mammographer at the ISJ Parker location alongside her friend and fellow mammographer, Sarah. She was able to use the ISJ reimbursement program for her online class and exam registry. She has been pleased with the entire process and the opportunities that ISJ provides for their employees when it comes to professional growth.

Leila states “In my opinion, working at the same place where you are getting trained is the best way to learn new modalities. I am so thankful for all the people who helped me on this journey”.

Congratulations, Leila! We are so proud of your accomplishments.

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