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Meet Your Care Team: Nurse Navigator Danielle

Mar 08, 2023
Meet Your Care Team: Nurse Navigator Danielle
celebrating our nurse navigators

At Invision Sally Jobe, we are proud to celebrate our nurse navigators! This is a spotlight on Nurse Navigator Danielle. She recently navigated a patient who was having a difficult time after a second recurrence of cancer, some 20 years later. Circumstances made it very difficult for the patient to get scheduled for her MRI. She suffered from claustrophobia and was absolutely terrified, but Danielle was there to be her support. She went out of her way to meet the patient at our Golden location and held her hand throughout the MRI to ensure she felt safe. We could not be prouder of Danielle and what she provides for her patients. Learn more about Danielle here:

What are your credentials, and what position do you hold at ISJ?

Breast Care Nurse Navigator, BSN RN.

How, when and why did you decide to pursue a career in medicine?

I decided in high school. My empathetic nature, interest in science and, ultimately, improving patient outcomes and providing the care and comfort we all deserve drove the decision.

What made you want to work at Invision Sally Jobe?

I was personally diagnosed with breast cancer at ISJ. It was a complete shock as I had a normal mammo three months prior to feeling a lump. Catherine was my navigator. The care, comfort and information she provided was second to none! As I began to understand her role, as well as my personal process, I told my husband: “After I beat ‘this thing,’ I’m getting that job to help other women!” I had such excellent care at ISJ, it was the place I wanted to be.

What do you like most about working at Invision Sally Jobe?

My team. This is hard work we do, and it would not be sustainable if it wasn’t for the support and collaboration we provide for one another. We trust each other completely, consult daily, and genuinely love what we do and each other. Also, the positive feedback from patients I’m navigating — it is humbling — they are so strong and I can relate.