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Meet Your Care Team: Shelli Dixon, clinical science specialist

Aug 17, 2021
Meet Your Care Team: Shelli Dixon, clinical science specialist
Excellent patient care is just what we do at Invision Sally Jobe .

Shelli Dixon is a clinical science specialist. Learn more about her career path and why she chose Invision Sally Jobe.

What made you want to get into radiology/mammography?

I started out in radiology in a large Level 1 trauma hospital. I worked in OR, ER and the regular X-ray department, which I loved. But I really wanted to be able to spend more quality time with my patients.

That is the great thing about breast imaging. You can follow your patient through mammography, ultrasound, biopsy, presurgery and then into posttreatment. It gives you more of a family-like feeling, because you are able to get to know the patients you are working with. This is also good for your patient, as it creates a sense of comfort and trust.

What is a clinical science specialist?

Essentially, it means being exceptionally proficient in your modality. In my case, that would be mammography. So I am the go-to person for questions and issues. I also oversee the quality control program and work with new hires to help get them trained.

What do you like most about working at RIA/ISJ?

The people I work with on a daily basis. Our technologists are kind, caring and professional. Our radiologists include some of the leading experts in breast imaging. Radiology Imaging Associates/Invision Sally Jobe has the best of everything, making it a wonderful environment to work in.