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Patient Stories: A wonderful testimony from Charlie C

Apr 19, 2022
Patient Stories: A wonderful testimony from Charlie C
It takes teamwork!

Invision Sally Jobe is part of a network of clinics where you can get the care you need. What a wonderful testimony from Charlie C. Our patients trust us with their health because they know we want the best for them. The outcomes speak for themselves.

All things work out for the best and I am blessed that I was guided in the right direction for my treatments. Initially, my leg began to swell and shortly thereafter an accident caused a severe wound to that same limb. An x-ray in an emergency room revealed no broken bones in the foot or leg. Thankfully, I was directed to Radiology Imaging Associates RIA Endovascular and Dr. Peter Stratil.

Dr. Stratil reviewed the leg and foot swelling and I was connected to Invision Sally Jobe for a CT (computed tomography) scan. In addition, Dr. Stratil’s office suggested I get started with treatment for my wound at the Parker Wound Care center. The treatment started immediately and I became a three month restoration project, of which I was most grateful. Long before the wound was healed, I was back to Dr. Stratil to review the results of the CT scan. The conclusion was there were blood clots in the vein and the plan going forward was to install a stent to correct the deep vein thrombosis. Additionally, the scan revealed a 2.1 cm cancerous tumor on my left kidney.

The treatment in the near future was to complete the stent installation, then move onto our concern with the cancer situation. The procedure at Littleton Adventist Hospital was completed very professionally, including registration, admission, anesthesiologist, Dr. Stratil, the supporting staff, recovery, and discharge. I was well informed, well treated, and very pleased. As planned, two months later I returned to Littleton Adventist Hospital for the kidney cancer surgery which entailed a minimally invasive technique using three cryoablation needles and freezing the tumor of which core samples were taken for pathology review.

Again, the surgery was completed as represented and my operation review with Dr. Stratil was well received. The pathway of these various medical issues were handled in an efficient and friendly manner with kind and caring professionals. Even though these medical situations seem to be compounded, they would not have been discovered without the sequence experienced. I am truly grateful toward Dr. Stratil.