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Patient Stories: Chad L. Tells Us His ISJ Story

Jun 02, 2020
Patient Stories: Chad L. Tells Us His ISJ Story
When patients need imaging we are there right away.

I wanted to let the everyone know about the great team of providers at Invision Sally Jobe. They made a meaningful impact on the trajectory of my daughter’s recovery. She had a bad accident and sustained multiple fractures and joint and ligament damage in the earlier days of our country and hospital systems going into Covid-19 protocol. As a result, she had emergency surgery the day of her accident and needed more surgery within two weeks. Unfortunately, the hospital system affiliated with her surgeon would not afford my daughter the necessary imaging she needed for an effective surgical outcome in her follow-up surgery.

My good friend and neighbor, Annie Collum, was quickly able to comfort me and direct me to Invision Sally Jobe. Marj at ISJ took over and within a couple days she arranged for my daughter to get the necessary X-rays and MRI that were needed. She also made sure we had insurance approval, Covid-19 clearance, and perfect directions to the Parker, CO facility. After the images were taken, the ISJ team continued to go above and beyond by working with my daughter’s surgeon, outside of their system, to expedite reports and images to him. Just prior to surgery, the surgeon let me know that this was some of the best imaging he’d ever seen.

My daughter has now had the surgeries she needed. She’s feeling great and stands to make a full recovery. I cannot express enough thanks to Annie, Marj, and the entire Parker, CO ISJ team. I also want to thank Kevin and the IT crew at ISJ who got imaging to a non-networked surgeon in Steamboat Springs, CO same day. Every person on the ISJ team that I interacted with was kind, pleasant, concerned for my daughter and not afraid to help in the midst of Covid-19 protocol. This entire experience epitomized the selfless service of others that we look to the healthcare system for. I’m an Invision Sally Jobe fan for life.