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Patient Stories: Robin B. Grateful to ISJ

Mar 01, 2023
Patient Stories: Robin B. Grateful to ISJ
cancer-free and thankful to the Invision Sally Jobe team

Read here about Robin B’s story on how she believes Invision Sally Jobe saved her life:

I have a history of cancer. One bout with cervical cancer, and I have been diagnosed with breast cancer twice. I was due for a mammogram follow-up but kept putting it off. The very sweet scheduler at ISJ called me multiple times to remind me to get my mammogram. I just thought I would get around to it when I had time. It was not a priority for me. I finally gave in after multiple calls and got my mammogram done. I did not even leave the mammogram room before Dr. Brenneman came in to show me what she was seeing on the images. I was very quickly in to see my oncologist who had treated my breast cancer in the past with lumpectomies. A biopsy was done, and it came back HER2-positive. It was a very aggressive cancer and had already moved to my armpits. I was asymptomatic and so obviously shaken by these results.

We immediately decided on a double mastectomy followed by chemotherapy and radiation. I consider Invision Sally Jobe the people who saved my life. The woman who was calling to schedule me is obviously in this business to help save lives. She never gave up on me.

I am now cancer-free and have Invision Sally Jobe to thank for it. I no longer need mammograms, but I do get other imaging done at the Southwest Invision Sally Jobe site. My primary care doctor is in the same building as ISJ. I stop in from time to time to just say hello and to remind them of how much I love and appreciate them. They treat me like a friend. They don’t treat me as if I am a name that’s coming in for testing. I’ve noticed that they treat everyone in that office as if they are old friends. They don’t make you feel like a patient when you come in; they make you feel like family. The best way for me to describe it is to say it is like they are interested in my well-being more than just doing their job. I would highly recommend them even if you aren’t sure you need a mammogram. Some people just have lumpy breast tissue and don’t think that they need to be checked. Get yourself checked out! They saved my life, and I will be forever grateful.