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Patient Stories: Susan H. Has Eight Years With Us

Sep 21, 2021
Patient Stories: Susan H. Has Eight Years With Us
What brings her back year after year?

We recently asked one of our patients what brought her back to Invision Sally Jobe each time she needed an exam. Susan H. had a lot to say when recommending Invision Sally Jobe. After all, she has been coming to ISJ for eight years. If she were to sum it up, however, we think this says it all: “They treat people well — bottom line.” Her dedication to our clinics is a testament to the hard work of each one of our team members. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, Susan.

What stood out the most about us during your appointment?

ISJ is quite good at getting patients through the process quickly, kindly, and efficiently.

What are the biggest factors that made you happy that you chose us?

They make it easy to be a patient there. They treat people well, bottom line.

What are the main reasons why you’d recommend Invision Sally Jobe to other patients?

During the mammogram, each technician I have worked with over the years has been fantastic. She is always professional, conversational, puts me at ease, and lets me know exactly what to expect.

Next time you have imaging needs, choose the place that brings our patients back every time: Invision Sally Jobe. For a full list of exams offered, go to