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Professional growth opportunities at Invision Sally Jobe

Nov 08, 2022
Professional growth opportunities at Invision Sally Jobe
So much potential with us!

Here is another great story about professional growth opportunities at Invision Sally Jobe. Not only is growth allowed, but it is absolutely encouraged and supported by management and staff! Read hear to learn about Jessica’s journey to becoming a mammographer.

When did you become a radiology technologist?

I graduated in 2018 from Red Rocks Community College.

When did you start working at ISJ?

I started at Invision Sally Jobe in June 2018 as a PRN X-ray tech and moved to full-time in September 2018.

Describe how you were encouraged to advance into mammography.

The mammographers (Heather and Robin) at our Southwest location encouraged me to try it. I had already cross-trained into bone density in 2019.

Did you have on-the-job training?

Yes, I was able to do my clinical hours at ISJ SW under Robin and Heather.

How much schooling was required outside of the work environment?

Forty-eight hours of online schooling (online seminar/classes). Plus, many weeks of studying on my own for the registry (my training was fast; I took classes April 4 to 9, started my clinicals April 18 and took my registry June 28).

Were you reimbursed for any schooling/boards?

I used the ISJ tuition reimbursement program that is offered to employees for my online classes. ISJ reimbursed me for my registry (per my two-year contract).

Can you tell us why this journey worked for you? Are you pleased with the experience?

I think training with the people I am going to work with every day helped me settle into a routine with less stress. Robin and Heather were very patient and gave me time to learn and ask questions. I am pleased with this experience, because I didn’t have to spend nine months training in a school-based mammography program. Being able to train on the job into different modalities really encourages techs to move up within the company.

(photo: Jessica shown center)