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What is a neuroradiologist?

Mar 02, 2021
What is a neuroradiologist?
Experts in medical imaging of the head and neck.

What is a neuroradiologist?

A neuroradiologist is a highly trained physician who is an important member of the diagnostic and treatment team. The neuroradiologist assists with patient care and a variety of disorders affecting the brain, spine, head and neck.

At RIA, we have a team of neuroradiologists who are consulted daily by various types of doctors who are seeking guidance in choosing the correct imaging testing and for help understanding the interpretation of completed neurological imaging studies.

A neuroradiologist may interpret an X-ray, MRI or CT scan of the brain and spine. These images allow them to diagnose such things as aneurysms, tumors and strokes. These are only a few examples of what a neuroradiologist might diagnose on any given day. A neuroradiologist also may perform minimally invasive procedures on patients. This includes, but is not limited to, epidural steroid injections, lumbar punctures, myelograms and discograms.

Radiological procedures should only be conducted and assessed by appropriately trained physicians who have access to the best technology. The RIA neuroradiologists who specialize in diagnosing/treating disease and injury have at least 10 years of training. This includes medical school, licensing, four-year residency and a one- to two-year fellowship of specialized training. They are at the forefront of imaging technology.

Neuroradiologists are the experts in medical imaging of the head and neck. They are usually board-certified by the American Board of Radiology. A multidisciplinary medical team that provides comprehensive care for patients suffering from neurologic disorders will likely include a neuroradiologist. Consultations also come in from a neurosurgeon, internist, neurologist and radiation therapist.