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Why I need a breast MRI?

Aug 10, 2021
Why I need a breast MRI?
MRI excels at imaging soft tissues such as the breasts.

Why would I need a breast MRI?

MRI is a very useful type of diagnostic imaging exam and can be used for a variety of reasons. MRI is very sensitive to changes in body tissue and has a very high resolution. This allows a radiologist to see changes that may not be visible in other imaging exams. MRI excels at imaging soft tissues such as the breasts. While MRI is a very powerful and versatile technology, it is not used in all circumstances. Your doctor will let you know if breast MRI is the right exam for you.

Women with diagnosed breast cancer or a suspicious lump or mass may undergo a breast MRI to gather additional information. A breast MRI can help a physician determine the most appropriate type of surgery for breast cancer. Breast MRIs are also often recommended for women with the following circumstances:

• Strong family history of breast cancer

• Genetic risk for breast cancer

• Scar tissue from previous breast surgery

• Implants

• Dense breast tissue Because these factors may cause a mammogram to show incomplete information, a breast MRI may be used in addition to the more traditional imaging, including mammography and breast ultrasound.

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(photo: Kim Wright, MD is a Body and Breast Imaging Radiologist.)