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X-Ray and Pain Management

May 11, 2021
X-Ray and Pain Management
We can help with your pain.

We recently caught up with Brett Epstein, RT (ARRT), who is the lead X-ray and pain management technologist for ISJ. We asked him a few questions about X-ray and pain management at Invision Sally Jobe. Read here to see what he had to say about how we can help you with your pain.

What is offered at ISJ for pain management?

We offer a lot of different procedures in pain management. They include corticosteroid injections, anesthesia or aspiration of any joint in the body, from fingers to hips to intervertebral facets. For treatment of the spine, we offer diagnostic nerve root blocks, epidural steroid injections, facet injections, myelograms and lumbar punctures. We also offer MRI- and CT-guided arthrograms for visualization and diagnosis of larger joint structures. These procedures are traditionally performed under fluoroscopic guidance, although some of these procedures are also offered using ultrasound guidance, reducing the patient’s exposure to ionizing radiation. We also offer steroid injections of ligaments, tendons and muscles under ultrasound guidance.

What is the advantage of having this done by a radiologist?

The advantage of these procedures being performed by a radiologist is, the level of precision used to perform the injections is consistently superior to any other specialty. No physicians of any other

We can help with your pain.

specialty are as practiced at visualizing anatomy using X-ray or ultrasound guidance. Patients can be confident that the radiologist has selected precisely the correct anatomical target for the best possible efficacy of a given injection.

Why should patients choose ISJ for pain management?

Patients should choose ISJ because of our high level, thorough and attentive patient care that puts the patient’s interests first through every step of the process, from the moment they’re scheduled to the moment they leave our facility.