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Your Wellness is Our Priority All Year Long!

Feb 11, 2020
Your Wellness is Our Priority All Year Long!
Your wellness is our priority.

Why should ISJ be part of your year-long health plan? At every stage of your life, imaging can help you be your best self.

We know that everything you do in your life is designed to make life better. From the foods you choose, the neighborhood where you live, the car you drive, it all impacts your life. So, when Invision Sally Jobe talks about imaging, we’re talking about making life better in everything you do.

It’s your child’s best soccer game when their ankle hurts. It’s living your best life by getting your wellness breast exams. As you age, your bones start to lost their density, we help with that, too. The recommendations vary but some of the guidelines are breast exams yearly after 40, bone density tests age 65 and older, and of course never leave it until it’s too late, get that medical imaging done now.

Invision Sally Jobe is there at every stage of your life making every day better!